Minutes of SADARC meeting and EGM held on 16th September 2019

At St Mark’s Church of England, church hall.

The Meeting was brought to order by the Chairman Roger Rimmer M0OMB at 20:00 BST and welcomed Vinnie to the meeting. There were 18 members present.

Roger followed the agenda which had been promulgated to the membership.

  • Roger 

The Guide Dogs for the Blind event to be held at Morrison’s  has had to be cancelled as the supermarket stated it didn’t have the licence/insurance to hold the event within the building and that the car park was not owned by them and could not give permission for the event to be held there.

The JOTA event to be held 19/20 October at the Waterside Lodge Southport Scout Activity Centre from approx 12:00 to 22:00 on Saturday and from 06:00 to lunchtime Sunday.  It is hoped to operate on 80/40 and 2m with a possibility of 20m and some digital modes. There will be a meeting of those interested in supporting this event at the Beefeater at 19:30 Monday 23 September.

  • Roger then gave an update on some club items,

Firstly, a reminder to the membership of the 2m net held on Sunday at 19:30 starting on the calling channel 

He stated that the treasurer’s handover was complete and that Craig M0OYH is now officially the treasurer.

Roger then thanked Dean 2E0OLG for taking over as QSL manager and congratulated him on receiving his new call sign M5DR and receiving three certificates from various events.

Roger then gave an update and presentation on the VHF contest results to date.

Roger presented the results of the SK equipment sale by tender, envelopes were distributed to the winners, which contained the equipment they had won and the amount they had to pay. Roger stated that the sale of the SK equipment had raised 1265 pounds.

Roger then gave a final Chairman’s report, this contained a brief history of his time with the club and his progress through the different facets of amateur radio.

It was at this point that Roger officially resigned from his position as Chairman.

The secretary Brian M0SSN took conduct of the meeting.

  • EGM

Brian M0SSN stated that only two members had been proposed to take the position of Chairman namely Craig M0OYH and Brian M0SSN. 

Brian asked if there were any other proposals or volunteers for the position, there being none and as Brian had been nominated, he asked for a volunteer to take over the meeting for the voting. 

Roger M0OMB volunteered and asked the candidates to leave the hall after giving a brief resume on themselves and why they should be selected for chairman. 

After both candidates had left the hall a vote was taken, and Craig won by 9 votes to 7.

The candidates returned to the hall and Craig was pronounced chairman.

Craig thanked everyone for voting for him and as he was already on the committee, he asked for a volunteer to join the committee. Brian G0JCQ stated that he would join the committee until Christmas, or another person stepped forward.

This concluded the EGM

Craig then addressed the membership as Chairman. In his address he thanked Roger for his continued support as treasurer and as chairman. He stated that he would continue organise events and lectures and hoped to see more enthusiasm from the membership.

  1. There was then a Tea followed by the raffle.
  2. There followed a presentation by Dean M5DR on portable operations which also included the use of SDR receiver on a tablet using SDRtouch
  3. The meeting closed at 21:35